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Great Bait! Roasted Beef Liver Dog Treats are made from restaurant quality beef liver with No Preservatives.

It is great for all types of dog training and dog show competitors.

 Great Bait will not crumble and it is not greasy.

The handy individual pieces can slip under your armband or in your pockets.

The semi-moist soft texture makes it ideal for clicker training!

Store in your freezer for several months. 

Thawed pieces can be refrigerated for up to 2-3 days.

 INGREDIENTS:     Beef liver, wheat flour, wheat bran and garlic.  

All from the USA



Price and Shipping:

  Orders are shipped via Fed Ex 2nd day air (and Southern California is delivered NEXT day).

We ship EVERY week on Monday EXCEPT Easter Thanksgiving (11/21) and Christmas (12/19) weeks

Due to Fed-Ex Monday holidays, we will ship Tuesday 5/31 and Tuesday 9/6

Retail prices below include shipping (and includes sales tax for CA addresses). 

$3.70 for the Fed-Ex residential charge will be added.

Packaged in Ziploc-topped re-sealable 12oz. bags (approx. 36-42 pieces)

Minimum order 4 bags (to keep frozen in transit)

4 @ $14.55 per 12oz bag = $58.20 plus $3.70 for residential delivery**

6 @ $13.40 per 12oz. bag = $80.40 plus $3.70 for residential delivery**

8 @ $12.40 per 12oz. bag = $99.20 plus $3.70 for residential delivery**

10 @ $11.70 per 12oz. bag = $117.00 plus $3.70 for residential delivery**

20 @ $11.35 per 12oz. bag = $227.00 plus $3.70 for residential delivery **

**Add $4.00 to the total above if your address is in a FedEx rural delivery area.


-          Kennel Pack Quantities-

Master Case 48 
@ $10.80 per 12oz. bag = $518.40 plus $3.70 for residential delivery

**Add $4.00 to the total above if your address is in a FedEx rural delivery area.


Great Bait! is a perishable product; therefore returns are not accepted.

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